*NEW* Washable face mask Type 2

In order to respond to the lack of hygienic face masks, we are manufacturing new washable face masks. These masks include a hygienic non-woven fabric layer of high technical quality, made of polyester (hypoallergenic synthetic non-woven fabric 100g/m2). We are proud to be able to manufacture these masks in handmade Swiss quality in our factory in Lufingen/Zürich.

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The design of the washable Type 2 hygienic face masks has been completely revamped. Thanks to the two available sizes, the mask optimally adapts to the shape of the face. Our masks are made of cotton fabric (100% cotton) with an incorporated hygienic non-woven fabric layer (100% polypropylene 20 g/m2), can be washed at 60°C and are dryer-proof.

The high-tech non-woven fabric layer comes from the face mask industry and is used there as a membrane in face masks. This membrane ensures that viruses and bacteria are trapped.

The membrane has a permeability of only 0.3 μm!


The mask size should be chosen based on the head circumference. On average, women use size M and men wear size L.


Our washable masks are not certified and therefore not suitable for medical use.


The following colours are currently available:

Farben Maske4

Instructions for use:

  • wash the mask at 60°C before every use;
  • disinfect your hands before wearing the mask;
  • when removing the mask, only touch the rubber bands and not the fabric;
  • wash the mask at 60°C after every use and disinfect your hands once again.

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Beige, Black, Grey, White

Mask Size

Size L, Size M