KN95 / FFP2 respirator face mask (5x)

Single-use KN95 (FFP2) respirator face mask in plastic packaging containing 5 pieces

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The tight-fitting single-use respirator face mask of the category KN95 / FFP2 presents a particulate-filtering efficiency of at least 94% of aerosols and fine dust particles up to a size of 0,6 μm. The incorporated metal nose strip guarantees an optimal fit of your mask and reduces the fogging up of glasses.


Single-use respirator face mask KN95/FFP2 in plastic packaging containing 5 pieces. One size fits all, suitable for everyone’s face thanks to the soft and elastic rubber bands.


Instructions for use:

  • Disinfect your hands before wearing the mask
  • When removing the mask, only touch the rubber bands and not the fabric
  • Only suitable for single use (maximum of 8 hours) – NOT WASHABLE

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