The invention of the health pillow

Herr Witschi

The story in the small village of Kaltbrunn begins in a tragic way: in 1965 Walter Witschi suffers an acute heart attack and his doctor prescribes him strict bed rest. While Walter’s heart slowly recovers – not least thanks to his wife Elisabeth’s caring efforts – the weeks spent in bed take their toll. Soon other health problems start tormenting him: a tense neck, headaches and back pain.

But Walter does not get discouraged and goes into action: armed with simple household scissors and his wife’s sewing kit, he quickly transforms a mattress into a pillow that is resistant to deformation and comfortable at the same time.

Walter Witschi’s pioneering spirit is rewarded: his pains quickly subside. And he writes – in his sleep, so to speak – the first chapter of an unprecedented success story: the invention of the health pillow.