Witschi-Kissen AG always strives to offer its customers the highest quality. This is a key aspect of the company philosophy. Witschi-Kissen AG therefore grants a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on its entire range of products. In addition, a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty of five years is granted on the following selected products.


Leg pillow KAMEL

Leg pillow SINGEL

Leg pillow DOUBLE


The requirements and details for the warranty claim are described in the general warranty provisions of Witschi-Kissen AG.


Frequently asked questions and answers about the warranty claim:


When is a product defective?

A Witschi-Kissen AG product is considered to be defective if it does not present the agreed quality. A product is also defective if it does not present the quality that would normally be expected.


When must the defect be communicated?

If a product is defective, the customer must notify Witschi-Kissen AG of the defect within a reasonably set deadline.


How is the defect rectified?

If the claim is covered by the warranty, Witschi-Kissen AG has the duty to rectify the defect by means of repair or to replace the product. Only if this is not possible or if it would cause unacceptable inconvenience to the customer, it is possible to obtain a discount or refund of the purchase price. The defect has to be repaired or the item replaced free of charge within a reasonable period of time.


General warranty provisions

  1. Witschi-Kissen AG guarantees the replacement, within the warranty period defined for the product, if one of its products presents a significant defect in the relevant area of application.
  2. This warranty is effective from the day the product is delivered and remains valid for two or five years, depending on the product. The warranty expires in case of exclusion (point 4).

    The warranty is only valid for the direct purchaser and is not transferable to third parties. If a product is re-sold to third parties, the warranty claim against Witschi-Kissen AG expires.

  3. The warranty case applies if the following kind of defect arises is due to incorrect processing or defective material:
  4. Material defect, if seams come undone or the material tears during proper use.
  5. In the case of defective pillowcase, the warranty claim only applies to the pillowcase. The pillow itself is then not replaced.
  6. Defects occur in the system for closing the pillowcase.
  7. A significant drop in quality with regard to the formation of hollows and permanent depressions of more than 20 millimetres when the pillow is used properly.
  8. All defects in the material or with regard to the processing that occur despite correct use and care of the product
  9. The warranty claim is excluded,
    1. if the pillow is in a dirty and unhygienic condition.
    2. if it merely regards the comfort.
    3. the pillow has been used improperly, for other purposes than intended.
    4. if normal changes occur to the pillow, such as a normal softening or deformation of the material, which can arise with proper use in the course of time due to material fatigue.
    5. in case of damage caused by negligence, accident or incident or intentional damage.
    6. if damage has occurred due to force majeure.
    7. if the customer perceives unpleasant odours and wishes to base the warranty claim on them.
    8. if the customer has made changes or repairs to the cushion himself.
    9. if the customer has obtained the pillow from an unauthorised seller or dealer.